Wilding & Co has been awarded their second Contact Energy Milestone Award, of ‘Most Improved Team’ at the Ākina Launchpad programme.

The award recognises Wilding & Co’s progress in achieving their business goals and objectives within the Launchpad programme. In this instance, Wilding & Co has built a relationship with an international customer that can consume enough oil to match the size of the wilding problem in New Zealand.

It’s a terrific symbiotic relationship that will help propel Wilding & Co into a position of making real impact over several years. Tina Porou, co-judge and head of communications and sustainability at Contact Energy said, “Wilding & Co has shown clear commitment to addressing the environmental impact of wilding pines. The team believe that producing essential oils in bulk quantities is the only way to match their intervention with the size of the problem caused by wilding pines in New Zealand. This is where the team’s passion lies.”

Launchpad Most Improved Award.

Wilding & Co harvests young wilding pines, which have a devastating effect on New Zealand’s natural environment, and turns them into high-value essential oils which can be used in consumer products. Wilding & Co sells essential oils and other consumer products on a small scale both locally and online.

“We are extremely proud of Wilding & Co’s achievements, and congratulate the team on their successes,” Tina said.

The Launchpad programme has been running for 5 months, and will conclude in March 2015 with the final Contact Energy award, of The People’s Choice, that will attract a cash prize of $20,000 to the most popular team, as voted by the public.