Idealog looks back: the top 10 innovative companies that caught our eye in 2014

Michael and Mathurin on the cover of the Mountain Scene

“We cover a lot of business stories here at Idealog, so as a wrap of the year, we decided to trawl back through our 2014 print and web archives and dig out our picks for the coolest, most innovative New Zealand companies of the year.”

Wilding & Co.

“How do you create an environmentally friendly business by killing and using unwanted pine trees? You create a process that chops them down and turns them into some of the world’s best oil to be used for high quality perfumes, oils and anti-bacterial cleaning products. Michael Sly, Mathurin Molgat and Dave Turnbull are making use of the 800,000 or so hectares of rogue wilding pine trees in Central Otago, and thereby keeping the invasive pine pests from taking over tussock land.” Read the Idealog blog article about Wilding & Co.

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By ELLY STRANG, Idealog, 

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