“Fledgling firm turns pine pest into perfume” – Southland Times

Wilding & Co Pine Harvest.

“Last month some men in gumboots took a helicopter out to Sawpit Gully near Queenstown to process invasive trees into a highly sought-after product that could solve an environmental threat.

The product? Pine oil.

Wilding & Co, run by Michael Sly, Mathurin Molgat and Dave Turnbull, was founded with the aim of producing pine oil and byproducts by harvesting wild pines.

The firm is on the cusp of a global business breakthrough, leapfrogging traditional business models as the industry embraces the idea of using an abundant resource – invasive pine trees – that needs eradicating.”

– By John Edens, 10 Sept 2014

Read the full article on the Southland Times website

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